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Our trading course focused on trend trading, but markets trend less than 20% of the time.

"The trend is your friend until the end" is a well-known phrase among traders. But what kind of friend is only faithful 20% of the time?

Momentum is a commonly accepted potential "LEADING INDICATOR" that can help you find a change in energy before it shows up in price action. Though this is commonly known and widely accepted, most people use momentum indicators incorrectly.

By learning to read momentum reliably, you can begin trading 2 new types of markets methods:

  • Contracting Markets (getting in before huge breakouts).
  • Trend Reversals (getting in before the new trend is obvious to amateurs).

In this system you will learned about confirmation and more TRADING opportunities:

  • Trend
  • Cycles
  • Momentum
  • Support/Resistance
  • Fractals

This approach uses extremely tight stops (only 1-2 bars) and looks to lock in small profits fast, and then let the rest of your position ride for huge profits. It can be used for Day Trading, Swing Trading or Investing.

Forex Trading - Rules - Systems - Setups

This Forex trading system has a strategy to suit your Forex trading style and is ideal for every type of Forex trader. There is even a part-time trading strategy.

You'll learn how to spot new trends in their development, and enter on pull-back based on cycle tops and bottoms. You'll learn why Fibonacci Tools control your entry's and exit.

Many traders struggle with identifying the best zone to enter a trade. Professional traders often comment that amateurs are "right ... most of the time but trade the wrong direction at the wrong time."

This course teaches you how to time the market with Swiss Clock precision so you can trade confidently.

You'll also learn about price "structure" which will bring new clarity to your understanding of charts so that you can read them as easily as a road map.

Other great tricks, tips and advice you'll learn:

  • How to look at any chart and instantly "see" the current market situation with understanding.
  • The EXACT place to enter. Objective, clear and simple. No complicated calculations or guessing.
  • The EXACT place to exit.
  • How to finally feel CONFIDENT about your entries and exits.
  • The approach is so laser-beam precise that we never risk more than 1-2 bars!

This course is a complete trading method unto itself including all the rules, filters and money management parameters. This approach uses extremely tight stops and looks to lock in fast profits.

The method is "universal" for trading any market or time frame that has reasonable trading volume and spreads. It can be:

  • Used for Day Trading, Swing Trading or Investing.
  • Used to trade Forex, Futures, Commodities.
  • Used with Ninja Trader software, our top recommended platform.
  • Used to go long or short.

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This currency trading system is a winner. It’s very easy to use with Forex information explained in simple terms, but if you need us, we are here for you. In fact, many of our customers say that the e-mail support is so good that it is worth the purchase cost for the support alone. Some say it’s the next best thing to Forex tuition from a Forex mentor!!

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The Forex market is constantly changing making system upgrades a necessity. We ask all purchasers of our Forex trading system to complete a registered user form. Provided that you remain on our list of registered users you will receive all future system upgrades completely free of charge.

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  • Technical analysis of the current market condition including major pairs and crosspairs.
  • Individual bonus lessons in technical analysis including chart patterns, indicators, market geometry and drawing tools, cycles, momentum, trends, multiple time frames, etc.
  • My latest research - the cutting-edge stuff I'm working on right now. You get it before anyone else.
  • Special insights and techniques not in the system ... and some of these will never be seen in any course ... ever!
  • "Live on Tape" day trading the market as it unfolds bar-by-bar. Complete explanation of reasons for entry, placement of stops and trailing stops, and where exits are taken.
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Just remember, if you are interested in becoming a successful Forex trader, then this exciting, professional, disciplined Forex Trading System, complete with Custom Forex Indicators and Templates can IMPROVE your trading performance and help you on your way to a great Forex career.

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Tom Newman

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